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Beautiful Chemistry is a Vizzies winner


Beautiful Chemistry has won an Experts’ Choice award in the video category of the 2014-2015 Vizzies International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge organized by National Science Foundation and Popular Science magazine.

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Latest News

– Since we launched Beautiful Chemistry on 9/30/14, we now have over 110 thousand unique visitors and over 2 million page views.

– Beautiful Chemistry received positive reviews in many countries. Here are some links for media coverage on the web:
TimeHuffingPostYahoo NewsBusiness InsiderDiscovery Channel Daily Planet (Episode 149), Colossal, The Creators Project, Slate, CNET, IFLScience, io9, SPLOIDFranceTVInfo, Gizmodo (French edition), Sciences Avenir (France)Focus (Italy), Popular Mechanics Russian Edition, Origo (Hungary)Gizmodo (Spanish edition), Lanacion (Argentina), LaVoz (Argentina), Mega Curioso (Brasil)Gigazine (Japan), Newsbeast (Greece), Techgear (Greece).

– Beautiful Chemistry Chinese Edition was launched on 10/31/2014.

Summary of Previous Posts

Late August, 2014

Before launch, Beautiful Chemistry was reported by Science Alert and Popular Mechanics Russian.

Science Alert article | Popular Mechanics Russian article

Early August, 2014

We were invited by  the Chinese Chemical Society to introduce Beautiful Chemistry at the 29th CCS Congress. To our surprise, the main theme for this year’s Congress was also Beautiful Chemistry. What a Beautiful Coincidence!

Beautiful Chemistry at 29th CCS

Beautiful Chemistry at 29th CCS

Beautiful Chemistry at 29th CCS

July-August, 2014

We launched two trailers of Beautiful Chemistry.

 May, 2014

A preview site of Beautiful Chemistry was launched, in which we showed a few images of chemical structures.

Beautiful Structure DNA-nanospacehip

Beautiful Structure MOF

Beautiful Structure Quasicrystal

Beautiful Structure Borromean Rings

Beautiful Structure Supramolecular Nanotube

Moving to

Since we have moved our main site to Amazon AWS, previous blog is not working anymore. So we started a new blog here on We will create another post summarize what we previously wrote in the old blog. Also, new information is coming soon!

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